B.COM Corporate secretary ship is an under graduation of commerce course. During the course it is thaught about the responsible for calling meeting, recording minutes of the meeting, keeping statutory record books, prepare payment of dividend and interest of payment and drafting and execution of agreements, contracts and resolution etc.

Objectives & Special Feactures

        *This degree course enable the students go for various Business and Management related jobs.

        *Candidates who want go for teaching field at higher degree level i.e. college and university level and both in private and government institution also are good suit for it.

        *One can go for higher degree programs in respective subject, example: Master’s degree etc.,

        *They have also option of going for jobs in the companies who have their shares listed in the stock exchange need to appoint a full time company secretary.

        *They should have the skill as human interaction accepting criticism, becoming assertive and starting organized.


Sridevi Arts and Science College, Krishnapuram, Ponneri - 601 204.

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