Education plays a vital role in the modern world. Avvaiyar, the renowned Tamil poetess says that numbers and letters are like eyes. So learning is inevitable. The present day world demands education very much. Education paves the way for acquiring knowledge and to secure a decent job.

        This temple of learning has been started with a view to impart the relevant and purposeful education to the students, especially the students who hail from rural areas. The pillars of the Temple of Learning in Sri Devi Arts and Science College are Thiru P.Ramesh, B.Sc. , M.L., Managing Trustee and Secretary; ThirumathiA.Sreedevi, M A. , M Ed. , M. Phil., and Thirumathi J. Sujatha, M.C.A., B.Ed., Their liberal mind and broad outlook have no parallel. They are very compassionate and they strive hard to elevate the standard of education.

        The Sri Devi Arts and Science College is a co-educational institution. It started functioning from the academic year 2001-2002. The total area of the college campus is 13 acres and the area of the buildings cover 15000 Sqft. Our college is situated on Ponneri - Thachur Koot Road and it is 2 km. away from Ponneri Town. It is not far off from Chennai and the distance between Chennai and this college is only 30 km. One can reach the college either by train or bus.

        Our college has a very good play ground. Almost all the games such as Cricket, Volleyball, Football and Kabadi can be practiced there. Our college caters to the needs of the students including the canteen, library and the auditorium.

        At present the college offers seven undergraduate courses and two post graduate courses. They are: 1. B.Sc., (Computer Science), 2. B.C.A , 3. B.Com., 4. B.B.A. , 5. B.Com (CS)., 6. B.Sc (Maths) ., 7. M.Sc (CS)., and 8. M.Com., 9.B.A (English)

        The courseRameshs we offer here have utility value. This is an era of computer and most of the works are done through computers. Computer has become part and parcel of our life. No one with a minimum knowledge of computer sits idle at home. He or she is sure of getting a job in the software line.

        The institution has a secular outlook and the atmosphere here is conducive for it. The students who study here will definitely render service to the society apart from uplifting themselves.

        True education should make man a man. Though money is a must for leading a decent life, it is not everything. Hence it is apt to quote the saying of R.L. Stevenson. He says: "There are many things which money can't buy and without which money can be nothing".

        Value based education is our motto. Students who study here will realize it and take into their heart what the institution has imparted during their study period. Our institution does not impose anything on the students using any sort of force. They will be made to accept the genuine things voluntarily. Our college is a training ground for all good things. Our college is good and the students will reap only the good.

        Swami Vivekanda defines education as follows: "Education that makes man". It is the desire of the institution to inculcate the cardinal human values of truth, love, righteousness, peace and non violence in the young minds.

        The very purpose of human life on this earth is "Existence - Knowledge - Bliss" or "Sat-Cit-Anandam" of Atman and our education imparted here has close connection with this philosophy.

        The college had the privilege of having had Professor K.Karuppan as its first Principal. Prof. K Karuppan had a long and rich experience in the field of education, especially in collegiate education - seven years as Assistant Professor, 20 years as HOD of Commerce, three years as Controller of Examinations in Presidency College, 5 years as Principal in 8 Govt. arts colleges including 4 new colleges in which he served as Special Officer and Principal. Finally he retired as Joint Director of the Collegiate Education.

        As an academician cum Administrator Prof.K.Karuppan steered the ship of the college successfully from 2001 - 2006. He was succeeded by Dr.M. Rangasamy for the year 2006 - 07. Dr.M.Subramiam, B.Sc., M.A , M.Phil., Ph.D., was the Principal of the college from 2007-2011 . Dr.G. Rajah, M.Sc. , Ph.D. , was the Principal of the college for the year 2011 - 2012. Dr. M. Gnanasekaran, M.Sc. , M. Phil., Ph.D., was the Principal of the college for the year 2012 - 2016.

        The present Principal Dr. V. Lakshmipathi, MBA. , M. Phil., Ph.D. , tries his best to make the institution gain glory. He is very dynamic and shares the genuine feelings of the staff members and students.

        The principles & path set by predecessors, combined with the enthusiasm and efforts rendered by highly devoted, committed and competent academic & administrative staff members will definitely enable the institution to achieve excellence in education and be an instrument of social change in the region.

Sridevi Arts and Science College, Krishnapuram, Ponneri - 601 204.

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