The aim of the Department of English is to provide all students with opportunities to enhance their communication and critical thinking skills. The English major provides a foundation in provides a foundation in humanistic knowledge important to all students, including those planning to study and seek careers in education, law, communications and business.


        A student who has successfully completed the English major will be able to,

* demonstrate critical thinking, especially to analyze, synthesize and evaluate ideas and texts; conduct and understand the process of research through identifying, analyzing, synthesizing and documenting credible source material.

* understand and describe the role of literature in the development of cultures.

* recognize and engage the conflicts and tensions in values and belief systems embodied in these literatures.

* propose and support interpretations of a wide range of texts written in and translated into English, by performing close textual analysis, mobilizing a variety of critical and theoretical methodologies using interdisciplinary approaches and accounting for the impact of historical, cultural and literary contexts.


Sridevi Arts and Science College, Krishnapuram, Ponneri - 601 204.

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