The aim of the Department of English is to provide all students with opportunities to enhance their communication and critical thinking skills. The English major provides a foundation in provides a foundation in humanistic knowledge important to all students, including those planning to study and seek careers in education, law, communications and business.

        Departmental offerings provide the literary and writing background necessary for students intending to pursue graduate study in English language, literature and other texts; in comparative literature, and in various interdisciplinary fields.

ABOUT B.A (English)

        The UG Course B.A (English) was started in the academic year 2014-2015. We have a dedicated team of experienced faculty to enrich the knowledge capacity of the students.

Why Study English?

        Because reading and writing shape the world.

        English Department is at the core of the humanities, highlighting the "human" through our individual, one-on-one interactions with our students, our emphasis on community and global engagement, and our abiding interest in our shared humanity through the stories of others. We seek to challenge the mind and to engage the imagination of our students, to teach them to ask questions and to seek for answers. We encourage them to grapple with the complexity of a culturally and commercially interconnected world and the global networks and processes of cultural exchange. We believe that words and ideas will shape the world. We teach our students life-long skills, so that they learn to write clearly, creatively, and effectively--discovering themselves even as they lay a solid foundation for professional success.


        Semester I

        Semester II

        Semester III

        Semester IV

        Semester V

        Semester VI

General Information

A variety of career and life paths.

        English students at all levels graduate to a variety of careers, including law, teaching, scholarship, publishing, library science, and journalism--as well as medicine, politics, design, and any number of other fields that value clear communication, interpretive skill, and critical and creative thinking. Regular, research, and service-learning internships are all available for English majors to help them toward their career, service, and educational goals.

Eligibility For Admission

For general PG courses : UG degree in Subject concerned or equivalent prescribed by the University.

For all UG programmes : A pass in +2 or equivalent prescribed by the University.

Fees Details

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